What is WHO PQS Approved mean in context of data loggers?

In the context of data loggers, WHO PQS (Performance, Quality and Safety) Approved means that the device has been evaluated and approved by the World Health Organization’s (WHO) PQS program for its performance, quality, and safety in monitoring the temperature of vaccines during storage and transportation. We are proud of our achievement to receive this award and are one of two firms globally awarded this.

The WHO PQS program is a globally recognized program that evaluates and pre-qualifies medical devices and equipment, including vaccine data loggers, that are used in the context of immunization programs. The program assesses the devices based on their ability to meet WHO’s technical specifications, which are designed to ensure the quality, safety, and effectiveness of vaccines.

To receive WHO PQS Approval, a data logger must undergo rigorous testing to demonstrate its performance and reliability in monitoring the temperature of vaccines. The testing includes evaluations of the device’s accuracy, precision, stability, and durability under various environmental conditions.

WHO PQS Approved data loggers are recommended by the WHO for use in immunization programs worldwide. Using WHO PQS Approved devices helps to ensure the accuracy and reliability of temperature data, which is critical for maintaining the quality and efficacy of vaccines. It also helps to ensure that immunization programs are aligned with global standards and best practices.

Vac-TL-01 WHO Approved data logger

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