Ever since COVID’19 has happened, we have realised the importance of vaccines and global vaccine outreaches. To enable an effective vaccine outreach we need to have correct data monitoring device that records the correct data and monitors the temperature in all stages of transportation.

Considering this situation and the need of the hour Inspired Technology created Vac-TL-01.  The world’s first company certified by the World Health Organization (WHO) and given a Performance, Quality and Safety (PQS) certificate for its data logging device Vac-TL-01.

The device can be used in cold chain monitoring during transportation, storage and refrigeration of vaccines.

Vaccines can easily lose their efficiency if their storage conditions are not ideal. Delays on ports are another factor that may affect vaccine’s effectives.

The Swiss made and equivalent sensors, monitors each stage of transportation, and detects if the temperatures is not ideal of the vaccine shipments.

“Often delays happen at the ports, and these delays can affect the vaccine’s effectiveness. So considering that we created our logger in manner where it can record upto 111 days. Which is triple than the requirement” added Mr. Brij Suri CEO of Phi Sigma.

The compact size and the shelf life of 2 years are added positives for all vaccine manufacturers.

During COVID’19 we have learned the hard way on how important vaccination outreaches are, and Inspired Technology wants to support all vaccine manufacturers in all stages of their transportation.

The Vac-TL-01 is a solution for all cold chain transportation and the engineers have made sure that we used the best of the best components in creating this device.

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