Brannan (Fridge & Freezer ) Thermometer

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  • Clear scale with recommended fridge and freezer temperature zones
  • Nominal Range: -40 to 30 C&F
  • Bright red reading column for easy reading
  • No batteries required
  • Made in England


Heavy duty fridge or freezer thermometer

120mm chrome and clear front horizontal fridge or freezer thermometer with blue temperature scale on white moulding with zones indicating recommended food storage. Stainless steel clips for fixture to appliance.

  • Horizontal thermometer for use in fridge or freezer
  • Clips for fixing to applicance
  • Clear scale and zones for recommended temperatures
  • Made in UK
  • Brand- Brannan

Nominal range:                           -40 to 30°C&F
Accuracy:                                      +/-1°C @ 10°C
CE & RoHS/WEEE:                    N/A
Hazard information (SDS):       See for information
Product dimensions:                   Net: 120mm x 30mm x 19mm
Packaged:                                      161mm x 77mm x 20mm
Product weights: Net: 26g
Card packaging: 9g
Gross: 35g