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Brand Name: Inspired Technology

Model: HT-2019

Approved cold chain cooler bag for vaccines specially designed to hold temperatures within essential safe temperature limits without electricity during transport or use for: Vaccines; Insulin; With Special high performance NBR insulation to keep drug and blood at 2-8°C for up to 10 hours under the ambient temperature of 30°C.




item noHTLL-2019
materialPolyester 420D+8mm NBR foam+210D polyester liner
colordark blue
usagemedical doctor cooler bag for transport drug, blood etc.
portableshoulder tote


Use for: Vaccines; Insulin;

Biopharmaceutical, Life Science and other Medical Products;

IVD products and biological specimens;

National Health Service, WHO, UNICEF, Blood & Tissue Transplant Agencies;

Selected fresh food, drink and dairy products.

Method of Use

**Freeze the HTIceGel packs by placing in a freezer until fully frozen.

**Open the lid of the Cold Chain Soft Sided Cooler Bag, remove the liner.

**Remove the HTIceGel from the freezer, and condition by leaving at ambient temperature until dew

**forms on the surface of each pack.

**Place the frozen HTIcegel Packs in the pockets of the liner.

**Place the liner inside the bag, align the velcro strips to hold the liner in place.

**If the digital thermometer and/or a high temperature alarm option is installed, check the batteries,

And replace if necessary. Clean and check the thermocouple.

**Close the lid and wait until the temperature inside the bag has reduced to below 8oC (46.4oF).

**Open the lid and transfer the vaccine or other product directly from the storage refrigerator to the

Cold Chain Soft Sided Cooler Bag.

**Wipe the lid, zip fastener and the sealing surfaces clean, close the lid and smoothly draw the zips


Special high performance NBR insulation to keep drug and blood at 2-8°C for up to 10 hours at ambient 25°C.

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